What we love about Marble Clothing

As we prepare for the upcoming colder months it’s time to switch our summer wardrobe for cosy knits, snuggly scarfs and warm jeans. The Marble ladies clothing range provides just that with their selection of soft feel roll necks, cotton sweaters and well fitted jeans in a variety of sizes and colours.

As we draw closer to autumn/winter, Marble womenswear provides a contemporary twist on the classic seasonal colour palette, with more vibrant choices compared to your traditional theme of dark tones and jewel shades.

Lime green paired with black detailing provides a bold twist this season, to keep the vibrancy of the summer alive all year round. Cool blue tones are also the primary colour in many Marble jumpers to incorporate pastels for a pop of colour this season.

Our top 3 picks of Marble clothing this season include:

Marble Stylish Belted Poncho

1. Stylish Belted Poncho

If in doubt, wear black. Regardless of what trends are currently circulating, which season it is or where you’re going - you can always count on black to keep you looking well put together with minimal effort. Our Stylish Belted Poncho will add an essence of sophistication to your winter wardrobe, ready to be paired with your favourite pair of jeans and over the knee boots.

Marble Roll Neck Poncho

2. Roll Neck Poncho

    The ultimate autumn/winter essential, a roll neck poncho will be your go-to piece this season. The cool blue colour of Marble knitwear keeps you in theme with this season’s palette, while being a good transition piece when we enter the season on Spring pastels.

    Marble Black Fitted Jeans

    3. Fitted Jeans

      The great thing about Marble clothing is that it all ties together, so you can mix and match to create a different stylish outfit every time. Their fabulously popular jeans are available in both black and anthracite and are constructed of a cotton, viscose and elastane blend for ultimate comfort.


      Marble clothing is a major global fashion brand aiming to make women feel fabulous with their unique designs. All of their collections are catered for real women with different shapes and style tastes, to help ladies everywhere feel comfortable and ultra-confident.

      Here at Lavender Blue we embrace Marble’s mission to help women everywhere feel fabulous and are proud providers of some of the best pieces for this upcoming season. The Marble clothing line will guarantee to keep you warm and cosy this winter without you having to sacrifice style!

      Update your autumn/winter wardrobe today by exploring the Marble clothing online here at Lavender Blue.